Prepared Statement to City Council, City of Anaheim 
Tuesday, January 7, 2003	5 p.m.

Council Member Richard Chavez,		Assistant City Clerk Cindy Daniel-Garcia
Council Member Bob Hernandez,		City Clerk Sheryl Schroeder
Mayor Curt Pringle,			City Attorney Jack White
Council Member Shirley McCracken,	City Manager David Morgan 
Mayor Pro Tem Tom Tait,	 		Integrity & Grace of Lucille Kring

Almas Tribute to Lucille Kring

Good evening. Alma Ramirez speaking.

I owe someone very dear and very special and that is Lucille Kring and Id like to address this to Mrs. Lucille Kring.

Id also like to address this to the Governor of California the Honorable Gray Davis and to the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California the Honorable Carlos Moreno that I consider it a divine privilege to have stood here before an outstanding ethical and professional attorney and who has also presided as a dignified council woman for the City of Anaheim.

I present none other than the Honorable Lucille Kring. She has a formidable and an utmost scrupulous soul and has attempted feverishly to eradicate the:

gross injustices
police corruption
political corruption
obstruction of justice
discrimination and
civil rights violations

in the City of Anaheim which incidentally all the members of the quote "Lincoln Club" unquote are mandated to practice. These highfalutin legal schmucks do a great job at that too.

Moreover, the Honorable Lucille Kring has promoted and presented the highest and I mean the highest degree of integrity of the American legal jurist prudence. She has enhanced the Constitution of the United States by exemplifying the objectivity standard in all of her official undertakings as well as in her personal life.

I allude to her website "I cannot be bought." And to that I say bravo Mrs. Kring.

The Honorable Lucille Kring is beyond reproach. The Honorable Lucille Kring you have the character traits and refined qualities to become a Supreme Court Justice.

The Honorable Lucille Kring your sheer opulence, femininity, wisdom and grace will carry you through to your next future endeavors. And for that I thank you. I have been privileged.


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