Prepared Statement to the City Council, City of Anaheim
Tuesday, February 4, 2003 5 p.m.

Council Member Richard Chavez,
Council Member Bob Hernandez,
Mayor Curt Pringle,
Mayor Pro Tem Tom Tait,
Council Member Shirley McCracken,

Assistant City Clerk Cindy Daniel-Garcia
City Clerk Sheryl Schroeder
City Attorney Jack White
City Manager David Morgan
Integrity & Courage of Steve Nolan

There is no true citywide security or protection and service without respect for human rights. The greatest creative and moral force, the greatest hope for survival of our civil rights and success, for peace and happiness in the City of Anaheim, is human freedom.

Stellar Officer Steve Nolan, Integrity & Courage

When Stellar Officer Steve Nolan told an Anaheim police captain that his fellow officers were breaking the law he was ordered to tell the police chief. The police chief and Lieutenant Hunter suspended Stellar Officer Steve Nolan for telling the truth because there exists an unwritten code of silence among Anaheim Police. If Stellar Officer Steve Nolan had not reported fellow officer's police misconduct then he could be charged with covering up police misconduct. The Integrity and Courage of Stellar Officer Steve Nolan is returning to Anaheim.

When Stellar Officer Steve Nolan successfully challenged his dismissal through the police union, telephoned death threats started coming in. Nolan said, "Death threats were coming into my house and my father's house all hours of the night. A typical call went like this: Hey, Steve, welcome back! Don't forget to wear your bulletproof vest when you come back!"

When an Orange County jury was awarding Stellar Officer Steve Nolan $340,000 for wages lost from the illegal firing the fine officers' wife was shot at while driving down the 91 Freeway.

"Officer Steve Nolan has legitimate fears about what will happen if he goes back to work," said Steve Pingle, Nolan's attorney, who successfully argued Nolan's lawsuit against the Anaheim Police Department. "It's not really a good idea for him to go back." On the other hand Pingle says, Nolan can hardly afford to walk away from his retirement package with so many distinguished years on the police force. "If the court does not see fit to order that Officer Steve Nolan be granted a disability retirement," Pingle said, "then he will report for duty at the Anaheim Police Department the day this case is concluded."

Let Lieutenant Rodig know as he wishes us ill, let Lieutenant Hunter know as he wishes us ill, and let the few misguided officers under their command know as they wish us ill, that we shall pay any monetary price to defend against false charges, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, and oppose any injustice to assure the survival of our civil rights in Anaheim.

Let the integrity and courage of Stellar Officer Steve Nolan unite Anaheim with a mandate for change.

Let the integrity and grace of Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring illuminate Anaheim City Council.

Let the magnanimity of Clementina Dorado, a grandmother, a dignified lady, protect the children of Anaheim.

Let the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. exert moral power over the City of Anaheim! Let Freedom ring!

Let the spirit of Cesar Chavez bestow dignity upon the City of Anaheim. Viva La Causa!


Click here to see damage to my 1965 Bently Silver Cloud III Continental Coupe
which occured just a couple of hours after this public comment at City Council

Click here to see damage to my Lincoln Limousine which occured after I spoke
at the Anaheim city Council about Lieutenant Rodig's misconduct


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