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Prepared Statement to the Anaheim City Council

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Councilmember Shirley McCracken
Councilmember Richard Chavez
Mayor Curt Pringle
Mayor Pro Tem Thomas Tait
Councilmember Bob Hernandez
Assistant City Clerk Cindy Diane-Garcia
City Clerk Sheryl Schroeder
City Attorney Jack White
City Manager Dave Morgan
Integrity & Courage of Steve Nolan

Brian Drummond

When you say you canít Breathe

From Anaheim to Los Angeles and Southern California to the WorldÖ, &

Brian Drummond,
Like the sound of silence calling
I hear your voice and suddenly Iím falling
Lost in a dream, how cruel does it seem
Anaheim Police knock you to the deck
Unreasonable force, deadly weight, on your back & neck
Anaheim Police are laughing, in front of the community
Denying Anaheim police of qualified immunity

Brian Drummond,
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting
You say the words, my mind is thinking
What could it be that comes over me
When you say you canít breathe
At times I canít move, At times I canít hardly breathe

Brian Drummond,
When you say you canít breathe
Anaheim goes still, so still inside and
For seven minutes you are not alive
Leaving you helpless in a permanent vegetative state
You are asphyxiated by Anaheim Police!

Brian Drummond,
I donít know how but I feel sheltered in your spirit
And when youíre with me, if I close my eyes
When you say you canít breathe, I witness the Asphyxiation
Anaheim Police, excessive force, mechanical compression
Absolute deadly force, Complete Devastation

Brian Drummond,
Anaheim Police are Deprivers of Life, Asphyxiators, Prevaricators
Poachers, Hunters, Bakers, Rodigs

Brian Drummond, Your Spirit Breathes Justice Into Anaheim!
And this journey that weíre on, how far weíve come
And I celebrate every transparent moment
As we watch them fall flat on their face
And lie about each case, one by one


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