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The integrity and grace of Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring illuminates Anaheim City Council

2003-2004 City Council Members

  Richard Chavez
An Anaheim Icon
Heart & Honor
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Alma Praises
Mayor Pringle
A Man of Great Respect
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Tom Tait
Compassion & Brave Heart Leadership
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Shirley McCracken
Shirley McCracken

Richard Chavez
Richard Chavez

Curt Pringle
Curt Pringle

"I believe in citizen
participation government"

"I put a very high threshold on civil liberties and
the importance of it"

Tom Tait
Tom Tait

Bob Hernandez
Bob Hernandez


A young Prince stumbles into the echanted garden of Anaheim where evil green-taloned ogres run the city.
Catching a magical firebird, he takes a feather from its tail and lets the bird go.

He then finds many of Anaheim's citizens held captive and enthralled by the ogres.

The Prince, being pursued by Anaheim's monsters, remembers the feather and waves it in the air.
The firebird magically appears and tells the Prince how to defeat the evil ogres.

In the finale, the Prince breaks the spell and saves the City of Anaheim and its people.

Igor Stravinsky composed the music for this ballet based on Russian Fairy-tales.
It was premiered by Serge Dhiageliv's Ballet Russe in Paris, in 1910.


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