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Mike Leffler

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6-26-02 06:04 a.m. - Manager Mike Leffler blocked the thoroughfare to the exit to delay Mr. Contreras leaving for work. Mr. Contreras said out the window, "I am going to call the police." Manager Mike Leffler said no, I am going to call the police on you!" Leffler then moved his vehicle. Leffler has a history of racing his vehicle to the front side of homeowners' vehicles and forcing them to stop or blocking them in at a parking space and refusing to let them leave. This is a tactic used to scare and harass.

9-6-02 10:45 a.m. - Golden Skies Managers Mike Leffler and Thomas Dean Matzke with a gang mentality sped together westward down D street, stopped the park's motorcart at space #124 and stared down 15-year-old Enrique Contreras. Enrique was preparing to board for a fun day at Raging Waters in San Dimas but had to retreat from the vehicle and seek protection at a nearby neighbors home until Leffler and Matzke sped away with stupid looking faces meant to intimidate.

11-5-02 2:35 p.m. - Manager Mike Leffler, driving at the wheel of a white Jeep Liberty license plate number 4XLL487, pointed at me in an intimidating manner and stared me down with a vicious looking face to scare me as I was exiting the mobile home park passageway on to Midway Dr. to vote at Paul Revere School accross the street.

12-3-02 7:35p.m. - I was driving my Bentley Silver Cloud III Continental Coupe on the private street to my home with three guest passengers and admiring the Christmas lights on all the neighbor's homes just minutes after departing the Mayoral and Council Member Inauguration at City Hall when Golden Skies Manager Mike Leffler recklessly and purposely sped and veered his vehicle onto the wrong side of the roadway and blocked the thoroughfare. I had to stop and turn the steering wheel to the right praying to avoid a collision. Leffler backed up his vehicle a few feet and thrust it around to the left side of my Bentley within inches (I mean inches maybe two inches, in fact, I had to wait for him to move away before I felt comfortable driving forward again) then yelled obscenities at us. Leffler jerked his face forward out his driver's window and started yelling that we were not allowed in the mobile home park. My passenger in the front seat and her two companions seated in the back seat witnessed the entire vicious act of intimidation and threat to my personal property. The Bentley is an historical, very rare vintage automobile currently appraised at $65,000. Comparably a red convertible Bentley just like mine recently sold for $95,000 at a Rolls Royce Dealer in Beverly Hills. Leffler pulled out his cell phone and said he was calling the Anaheim Police Department but he took off within seconds maneuvering forward then skidding away very quickly and left the area. We did not see him again. And we did not see the police either.

Perhaps if Lieutenant Rodig's officers were patrolling the Golden Skies Mobile Home Park to protect us against the malicious behavior of the management as required by the mediation of a year ago with the State of California Dispute Resolution Services then this unfortunate harassment of residents and potential crimes against us would not occur. But Lieutenant Rodig and officers under his command are very busy these days filing false police reports against my other friends in retaliation for my speaking at Anaheim City Council under public comments criticizing Mayor Tom Daly and Shirley McCracken for their horrible urban gentrification policies.

Mike Leffler and his brother Mark Leffler sell mobile homes to Mexican people and others with contracts in which none of the payments are applied to the principal. Have you ever heard of a $40,000 mobile home costing $200,000 and all of the payments going toward the interest only?! Mike, Mark, Patricia and Rodig have quite an enterprise going here!

I just returned today, Saturday, December 14, 2002, from Chicago Illinois, where I also had productive time at Oak Park and Geneva. I will always live at my mobile home in Anaheim and with this visit to Chicago I have an even stronger commitment to rid the City of Anaheim of unethical city government and Lieutenant Rodig's illegal games.

3-26-03 3:00p.m. - I telephoned the Golden Skies office at (714) 778-3000 to report damage to my property and find out how they want to resolve this matter. I said, "Hello, this is James Reade, space #124, who am I speaking to please?" The person on the line said, "What do you want James." Then I said, "Who am I speaking to please?" Then the person said, "This is Mike, James." I said, "Do you know who sprayed the number ten on the fire hydrant in front of my house?" Leffler said, "It doesn't matter, we are required by state certification to do this once a year." I said, "There is yellow paint on the base of my statue, the muse of architecture. I purchased these statues at Eye of the Day in Santa Barbra. Each piece cost several hundred dollars." Leffler said, "We hired a company to do the certification and I'm sure they have liability insurance. I will have them call you." It's now Monday, March 31, 2003 and I have not yet received a call.

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