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Lieutenant Hunter filed false charges against stellar police officer Steve Nolan in retaliation for his integrity and courage. The false charges were reversed by an arbitrator.

Hey Hunter, have you tried to cover up any more beatings by officers under your command?   You think it's alright to break people's noses and give them a swollen, bloody face as reported by officer Steve Nolan?

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He has served as an Anaheim Police Officer for 18 years. He has worked as an officer in Patrol, and as an investigator in the Major Narcotics and Crime Task Force Details. After being promoted to Sergeant, his assignments included supervising the Gang Detail, Robbery Detail and the Internal Affairs Detail. As a Lieutenant he has been assigned as a Patrol Watch Commander and as Commander of the Field Services and Detention Bureaus. Lieutenant Hunter will take command of the South District in the Resort Area of the City. He intends to improve the delivery of services to the citizens of the area and the millions of visitors that come to the area each year. He can be reached by e-mail at chunter@anaheim.net or by phone at the main Police Station (714) 765-1806 located at 425 S. Harbor Blvd.




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