Lucille Kring

<BGSOUND src="kring.mid">Acknowledgement

of an Extraordinary Person
in the City of Anaheim
for Contributions that Deserve the
Highest Recognition.

Thank you Council Member Lucille Kring for your unselfish
commitment to public service.

Your Leadership is unequalled.

You truly represent by the quality of your actions the highest standard of excellence
by which the Mayor, City Council Members and others should strive to attain.
We trust your judgment.
Thank you for voting in favor of homeowner's, dwellers and business owner's rights and quality lives for everyone.
Thank you for respecting our right to occupy our residences.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for your courage.

We admire your integrity. We appreciate you. We respect your intellect.
We are influenced by your grace.

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Mayor, Integrity, & Grace
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Mayor, A Shining Life
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transcends the Mayorship
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Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring
Integrity and Grace
Illuminates Anaheim City Council

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Lucille Kring Thank You Page

  Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring
You're Still You, Integrity and Grace!



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