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Thomas Dean Matzke

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7-23-02 11:15 a.m. - Thomas Dean Matzke was snooping in a stalking manner in the Contreras' private yard. Click here for Three part series, Mrs. Contreras' Death Mrs. Contreras asked Matzke, "what are you doing here?" Matzke nervously lied, "I am just checking the meters." Matzke also used the diversion that he was fixing a handle on the Contreras' brand new gate. Of course we all know Matzke does not work for the utility company and they did not ask him or anyone else to make any repairs at their home. Matzke was trespassing after repeatedly being told he is not welcome. Matzke is snooping and stalking. Matzke has never offered to fix anything at the Contreras' home before this incident so we are supposed to be foolish idiots and such naive people to believe that he so concerned about their welfare now?

6-21-02 08:00 p.m. - Manager Thomas Dean Matzke cussed at five young boys (witness' names on file), "all you mother f_ _ _ _ _ _ get out of the park!" He continued throwing his hands and arms in the air uncontrollably. As the boys exited the park he went up to one young boy in particular and shouted in a physically threatening manner, "you want to solve this problem right now!" He appeared to be getting ready to beat or assault the boys. He yelled at another boy, "now you go tell your queer friend to take pictures of this!" As the boys walked away, Matzke kept cussing at the boys and yelled, "I hope you guys move out!"

9-6-02 10:45 a.m.- Golden Skies Managers Thomas Dean Matzke and Mike Leffler with a gang mentality sped together westward down D street, stopped the park's motorcart at space #124 and stared down 15-year-old Enrique Contreras. Enrique was preparing to board for a fun day at Raging Waters in San Dimas but had to retreat from the vehicle and seek protection at a nearby neighbors home until Leffler and Matzke sped away with stupid looking faces meant to intimidate.

10-29-02 10:25 a.m. - Manager Thomas Dean Matzke was following me through the park driving around in circles around my vehicle and pointing his finger at me to intimidate me. I had just left the playground area where I photographed graffiti from the park's bench. We are now comparing handwriting samples with the hate crime graffiti on my antique outdoor lighting fixture.

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