Prepared Statement to the Redevelopment Agency,
City of Anaheim 
Tuesday, October 1, 2002 	5 p.m.

Council Member Lucille Kring,		Assistant City Clerk Cindy Daniel-Garcia
Council Member Shirley McCracken,	City Clerk Sheryl Schroeder
Mayor Tom Daly,			City Attorney Jack White
Mayor Pro Tem Frank Feldhaus,		City Manager David Morgan 
Council Member Tom Tait, 		Consulting Manager Jim Ruth

My name is James Robert Reade. I have owned my home in Anaheim for 12 years. My public comments tonight are being uploaded to the Internet at

This democratic form of city government cannot survive unless Anaheim's residents can freely voice their political opinions and criticize the city government's irresponsible or illegal actions or Redevelopment/Urban Gentrification policies that take away people's homes and businesses.

Freedom of speech is thus a prized right and traditionally the courts have protected this right to the fullest extent possible. Mayor Tom Daly of Anaheim California has suggested that Anaheim's city attorney write rules of decorum for public comments that if passed would violate Federal freedom of speech law protected by the first amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that a city banning free speech for this reason is an unconstitutional restriction of speech.

Mayor Tom Daly's Redevelopment Punishment, retaliatory investigation and targeting of Anaheim residents who speak at public comments against injustice, enforced by Police Chief Roger Baker and Lieutenant Rodig, is a violation of our civil rights.

Mayor Tom Daly has crossed the line in a desperate attempt to stop me from speaking here at City Council against his discriminatory Redevelopment.

Tom Daly has never been able to punish me for speaking out against the taking of our homes through his self-serving Redevelopment plan. I am still standing here speaking while others are in jail on false charges, so he got Baker and Rodig to order the harassment of my friends some of who attend city council meetings with me as observers. Tom Daly's Redevelopment Punishment resulted in Lieutenant Rodig ordering the interrogation of a 7-year-old boy at his school. Lieutenant Rodig is responsible for the 7-year-old boy being exposed to sexual terms he has never heard before. This is an extremely unhealthy event for any child. They tried to get the 7-year-old boy to say bad things about his parents and others. The 7-year-old boy was repeatedly asked if his parents touched his penis and, did so and so person, or other so and so person touch you this way? The 7-year-old boy repeatedly told the truth and said no. Social Services dismissed the case.

The little boy recently underwent surgery to remove his appendix after it burst. The little boy and his parents are distraught over this Redevelopment Punishment. This is how low Tom Daly and Lieutenant Rodig will go to intimidate us out of our homes and prevent me from speaking at these public comments to save our homes. This Redevelopment Punishment intimidation will not work.

Tom Daly has had far too much power over this city government and Redevelopment. Tom Daly has received consulting fees for his role in Redevelopment while seated as Mayor.

For more information about Tom Daly's Redevelopment Punishment, log onto


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